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WTB: P&A 2 x Cisco MDS 9710, 4 x Linecards/16GB/s, 2 x Sups

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Dear Broker Colleagues,
sehr geehrte Brokerkollegen,

In order to secure supply we would need more sources for this hardware. Our customer will make a purchase here possibly end of April or early May 2019.

2 x Cisco MDS 9710
each with:
4x Linecard (DS-X9448-768K9)
2x Sups
2 x Fabs

and the the power supplies to match.

Optionally, we might need for each MDS 9710

1 x Cisco SAN-DCNM Licence.

More information on request.

Wir freuen uns ueber Angebote aus Deutschland und international.

We are looking for more sources to secure supply in case we receive our customer's purchase order.

Best regards,

Holger Has

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